The city of Zion is a remarkable community that is growing in leaps and bounds. I feel fortunate to have grown up here and benefited from a great family, strong schools and supportive neighbors who encouraged me to strive to be the best I could be. The education I received here, the experiences I had, and the people who invested in me created a foundation for everything in my life that has come since. My husband Alan and I are proud to call Zion home, and our children have benefit as well from all that this community has to offer.

Like the rest of the nation, however, we are facing tough challenges. If we are to preserve what we have built, and indeed make Zion the model of excellence we know it can be, we must build partnerships with our local government, private sector, not-for-profit sector and faith based institutions to create the kind of community we all can be proud of. I believe our children should have access to the best schools in the state--nothing short of a model of excellence.

I believe we can have a city that runs effectively and efficiently, that plans for the long term and embraces innovation wherever it can make us better. As City Commissioner I went door to door, bringing my message of change and leadership. As Mayor, I will reach out to the residents, listen to their concerns; respond to their questions openly and honestly and then make the criticial decisions necessary for our city to continue to move forward. Local Government is at its' best when we all work together.

I need your help. Get engaged. Volunteer your time with a community group or cause that inspires your passion. Together, we can help Zion live up to its' full potential.

Truly Yours in Service, 
Shantal R. Taylor


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